Monday, April 5, 2010

beads?!....oh, bees....

An ill-fated bumble bee crossed my path yesterday, so I stood next to a children's park lookin' kinda creepy for about 15 minutes ostensibly (to an observer in the park) spinning in circles and pointing my lens in the general direction of the children. It kept returning to the same spot, so I just crouched down and stayed still. At first I tried to let the camera auto focus, but it was too slow so I switched to manual and tried to eyeball it, clicking as many frames as I could. These final two were my last pics. As I crouched down for the last--and closest--shot below, a robin swooped down, about 5 inches from my lens, and CAUGHT the bee midair from out my frame. I must have missed it by a split second. [sad face (sad that I missed the pic, not that the bee died. Calm down, hippies, it's just a bee...).]

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