Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where Is This? #1

OK Clarendinians, a quiz for you. What is this a picture of?

I've had this 'ol bloggie going for about two months now, and have realized (1) I kinda like posting to it every day and (2) that with only photos and no text it's basically a glorified Flickr page. So, I've decided to start adding a little color commentary to make it more interesting for the 2 people I know who actually look at this thing. High five.

[One week later, I've posted the answer]. No one got this one, but it's the painted sign in the parking lot to the left of Whitlow's on Wilson. Good luck next week!


  1. Check in next week to get the answer. I think I'll try for a Friday quiz each week w/ a new pic, and also answer last week's question (or share who figured it out first).

  2. I feel like I've seen that before... on North Irving Street?

    Looking forward to the weekly photo quiz!